Middlesex students are busy, but they seem to like it that way, as evidenced by their participation in (and creation of)  numerous extracurricular activities, particularly the many clubs and organizations on campus. These organizations meet by the discretion, instigation, and imagination of the students and—apart from a faculty advisor—are entirely student-run.  Check out the online version of our student literary magazine, the Iris.

Though we might not be able to cover the entire alphabet, we do run from Astronomy Club and Bonsai Club to the Zebrettes, a club dedicated to activities for faculty children. Any student can propose a club and, seemingly in a matter of days, become its founding member, leader, and ambassador.  Hello, Fishing Club (including ice, deep-sea, and fly fishing).

To see more of a sampling of our student groups, you can browse this list of Middlesex clubs and organizations.  But you’ll have to wait until you are a Middlesex student to start one; if it could start with the letter “Q” that would be great.