You just finished your microeconomics test. Now what? You could head over to the student center and celebrate over a game of pool, ping-pong, or foosball. Need to reenergize after some pick-up hoops in the gym? Grab a smoothie at the grill, plunk down on a comfy couch, and wait for the protein and glucose to kick in.  If you prefer peace and quiet, take a stroll in the woods past the turf fields or visit the dock at Bateman’s Pond to catch some sun (or maybe a largemouth bass).

Our chapels and assemblies bring us together as a whole.  Our dorms, the many common  spaces around campus, and even the way we sit in the dining hall constantly collects and shuffles smaller groups.   The energy of students spills out of our spaces and into our programs.  We have over 60 extracurricular organizations, from community service projects like Open Table to academic groups like The Short Story Society to some less scholarly gatherings (that’s you, “Cute Small Animal Club”).

We want campus life to be satisfying, healthy, and well-supported within our boundaries.  Our dorms, our advising system, and our community life program see to that.  And, of course, your life at Middlesex can and will extend beyond our 350 acres.  An afternoon off campus can complement a week on campus smartly:  Concord, Cambridge, Boston, and points beyond are only a shuttle and a plane away.