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Advisors at Middlesex are like life coaches.  They’re prepared to tackle the really big questions – like what classes to take, how to handle a conflict with a friend, where to go for extra math help, and which outfit to wear to Casino Night.  But they’re also there to lend a hand when you lose your calculator or need to get a haircut, they provide a shoulder to cry on if you bomb a quiz, and they’re ready with high-fives when you make the team.   Advisors are expert academic counselors, listeners, mediators, sympathizers, and cheerleaders – all in one.

New students are assigned a faculty advisor before they arrive on campus.  After the first semester, new students may select a different advisor or choose to stay with their current one.  At the end of each year, every student has the same option.  Most students stay with one advisor throughout their years at Middlesex, forming close bonds that often become lasting friendships.  Each advising group has a maximum of six students per advisor; students meet individually with their advisors at least once a week, but most touch base informally much more frequently.

Advisors also play an important role for parents as the primary liaison between parents and the School.  Advisors and parents meet on Parents’ Weekend in the fall, and advisors are in regular contact with parents throughout the school year.