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Whether exploring the parameters of vector calculus, the human mind in psychology, or the night sky in astronomy, Middlesex students’ academic interests burn brightly –but never out. With an average class size of 12, students will find support, challenge, and inspiration in partnership with a brilliant faculty whose enthusiasm for their disciplines is surpassed only by their passionate commitment to their students.

The classroom journey at Middlesex begins with a comprehensive progression through the academic divisions, departments, and disciplines. This core, along with signature programs like The Writer’s Workshop and our 4-course rotation in the fine arts, provides our students with the confidence, creativity, and capacity to experience the academic program to its fullest: from over 20 AP classes to dozens of electives.

Ever wanted to write your own song? Try our Composition and Music Theory course.  Learn Chinese? It’s one of our 5 language offerings.  Want to know the connection between Shakespeare and Harry Potter? There’s a class for that. Willing to go from the 21st century to the 12th and back in 20 minutes? A Smartboard and a smart teacher will guide you. At Middlesex, you will stretch your academic limits under the caring tutelage of a whole faculty, and indeed, a whole school.

For more details about our curriculum, please check out our course catalog.