At Middlesex, the term “global” not only applies to the geographical and cultural spaces beyond Middlesex, but it also encompasses the breadth and complexity of the Middlesex Community. We believe that global awareness and competence is a lifelong process, the roots for which should be planted and cultivated both in and outside of our classrooms, on campus and around the globe. Middlesex School is committed to preparing all students with the skills, content, and experiences to become global citizens who will grow to become comfortable with the discomfort that often comes with negotiating the world outside of their own immediate experiences. All Middlesex students will graduate having developed five core global competencies:

  1. Curiosity:An active desire to understand better the lives, cultures, and values of others.
  2. Comfort with ambiguity:The ability to embrace the learning opportunities that come from new and unfamiliar experiences by asking questions, listening, and stepping outside of our comfort zones.
  3. Empathy: The ability to put ourselves in others’ shoes and share in their joys, concerns, and passions.
  4. Collaboration:The process of working with others, regardless of differences in backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations.
  5. Critical thinking:The process of forming an objective conclusion based on analysis and evaluation instead of judgment.

    Travel Abroad

    Students excited to explore the world travel with faculty members during the School’s longer vacations and the summer months.  Each of the language departments sponsors international trips through which students can stay with families, enjoy local culture, visit significant sites, and practice conversational proficiency.

    Those interested particularly in theatre visit London in March.  Other students might choose to participate in a community service project abroad or travel with a sports team to play internationally.  Argentina, England, South Africa, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Spain, China, and France are a few countries frequented by Middlesex travelers in just the past two years.

    The School’s travel programs are oriented around the interests and passions of our students and our faculty.  Many Middlesex students discover new relationships and a new understanding of themselves through travel abroad under the guidance of our teachers and our programs.