Academic Facilities

Middlesex classrooms are filled with ideas, debate, laughter, and imagination. They’re also filled with computers, beloved texts, and premier lab equipment because we want our students to learn in a vibrant environment that matches (and stretches) their intellectual appetites and curiosities. 

Our academic facilities are designed to stimulate advanced thought in a comfortable setting. Our English students dive into literature at large oak roundtables for lively discussions that cover every angle. Our biologists collect samples in conservation land in our woods, analyze data in our labs, and present their findings on the SMART Board. Our astronomy students don’t study the universe in a textbook, they see it for themselves through our state-of-the-art observatory.

Whether exploring a library brimming with books or designing models for our 3D printer, our students have the physical and virtual resources necessary to fully engage their academic passions. This fusion of talented students with well-equipped facilities ensures that our classrooms are always producing the renewable resource that fuels the Middlesex enterprise: intellectual energy.

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