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We want our students making art, not just talking about it or passing it by. That’s why we ask them to stow the textbooks for a moment and pick up an instrument, a paint brush, a script.  That’s why we take them to the MFA or the ICA in Boston to experience art in its living setting.  After all, what is intelligence and discipline without creativity, expression, and a sense of the sublime?  

In the Art Department at Middlesex, we start with exposure: a four-course rotation through music, drama, art history, and drawing in which our freshmen and sophomores deepen knowledge and confidence in the Arts while discovering new passions. From there students can refine and master their skills through an array of electives and extracurricular pursuits.

From A.P. Studio Art to student-directed one act plays to one of our three a cappella groups, Middlesex students turn practice into performance. We ensure that everybody has the appropriate facilities, faculty support, and schedule flexibility to become fully engaged in the Arts—to stretch, create, and experience fully the life of the heart and of the mind.

  Check out the individual program pages in music, visual arts, and theater to get a better sense of what Middlesex Art is all about. More importantly, listen, watch, and enjoy all the student art found throughout this website!

Upcoming Events in the Arts: