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 Heads’ Office

        2022 Commencement invitation for senior families

        Commencement registration for senior families

Academic Office

         2022 Semester II Exam Schedule

Book Buying Letter (Updated on 1/2022)

Course Catalog

Curriculum Guide

Business Office

2021-2022 Information Package (Updated on 7/30/2021)
Important business matters relating to your child’s enrollment at Middlesex School

My BackPack

Parent Portal AUP Form (Updated on 7/2021)

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About My BackPack

My SchoolBucks

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My SchoolBucks Parent Getting Started

My SchoolBucks Parent FAQ

FACTS Tuition Management

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FACTS Tuition Management Information

FACTS Enrollment Guide

Middlesex Store

MBS Direct Bookstore

Book Buying Letter (Updated on 7/2021)

School Store

Online School Store

School Store Account Setup (Updated on 7/2021)

College Office

College Visitors (Updated on 10/5/2021) New

Deans’ Office

Login to Magnus Portal for Deans’ Annual Enrollment Forms

2021-2022 Handbook (Updated on July 23 2021)

2021-2022 COVID-19 Addendum to the Handbook (Updated on Aug 2021)

Proctorio Agreement

         2021-22 Short Calendar

        2022-2023 Short Calendar

2021-2022 Fall Semester School Calendar (Updated on July 23 2021)

Travel Dates for 2021-2022 (Updated on July 2021)

Campus Weekend & Travel Planning (Updated on July 2021)

What you will need at Middlesex (Updated on June 2021)

Important Rooming Information

Laundry Information

Driver’s Education Information (Updated on July 2021)

Transportation/Car service

Summer Storage

Health Center (Updated on July 2021)

Login to Magnus Health Portal

Health Center Brochure

Health Portal Resource

Technology Center (Updated on July 2021)

Upcoming Parents Events

Parents' Newsletter

The POND is an online school newsletter emailed every Thursday.  All parents will receive them throughout the school year.


The Middlesex Parents Association is a parent-volunteer organization. All parents are MPA members.

The Anvil

Middlesex School’s official school newspaper