The Ethics of Opportunity

Middlesex students have been asked this year to think about the “ethics of opportunity” – to consider the kinds of advantages that some people enjoy while others lack access to those benefits.

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Community Life

At Middlesex, "Community Life” isn't just a catchphrase—it's a signature program that lies at the heart of our educational philosophy.

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As part of our community life program, "Connections" aims to help new and returning sophomores get to know each other while simultaneously discussing topics that will help them negotiate these tricky adolescent years.

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Find your promise.

About MX

When you come to Middlesex, you’ll find a place full of opportunity, challenge, and friendship. A place to take risks and become a leader. A place to discover passions, talents, and yourself.  A place, as our founder so aptly put it, to find your promise.


Community Life at Middlesex

One of Middlesex’s signature programs, “Community Life,” has been active since students first arrived on campus in September. Seniors have… Read More

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