At the heart of our responsibility to students lies our complete commitment to their safety, well-being, and security. Whether the issue is campus maintenance, the watchful presence of adults, or the trust and confidence that come from great relationships with teachers and friends, we want our students to feel safe, comfortable, and secure in their lives at school. To that end, Middlesex maintains a range of measures to ensure the safety of the students, faculty, and staff on campus and in the community.

To learn more, start with our Campus Safety & Well-Being Overview, then browse our additional resources below:

Health and Counseling Services

  • The Cruz Health Center at Middlesex helps students with all kinds of health concerns, from the sniffles to counseling to referrals.  Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our tremendous staff of registered nurses, the Health Center is also just five minutes away from Emerson Hospital.
  • View our Cruz Health Center and Counseling Program Overview.
  • Over in the athletic center lives our Certified Athletic Trainer, who prevents and examines sports-related injuries, supervises rehabilitation, and consults with physicians and orthopedists as necessary.

Community Life

  • As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” so every Middlesex employee – faculty and staff – has the safety, health, and well-being of students in mind.
  • Our Community Life programming and our mindfulness curriculum seek to address all aspects of well-being within our community.
  • Our advising program ensures that every student meets for regular check ins with a faculty member.
  • Each fall, our freshmen class participates in “Choices,” a weekly program in which they break into small discussion groups led by two faculty members and a senior “Peer Supporter.”
    The purpose of these discussions is to examine intelligent, empathic ways of making choices when dealing with such complicated issues as personal relationships, stress, sexuality, drugs and alcohol. Sophomores meet in a similar program called “Connections.”
  • View our Life in the Middlesex Community Overview.

Policies & Additional Information