If you walk into our Memorial Chapel, you will be struck by the graceful dignity of the space, appreciated both in silence and in the full voice of gathering.  Its interior holds both present familiarity—the Chapel full with the energies of students faculty, and staff—and deep history—quiet memorial to past generations, including the Middlesex students who died in World War I and World War II, to whom the Chapel is dedicated.

As one of the cardinal points on our circle, the Chapel is one of the most beloved and significant places on campus.  The Chapel Program, based in the non-sectarian tradition of the School, gives voice both to student and adult perspectives on life’s promise and purpose.  Each year, the Chapel Program coordinates the School’s All-School Read, which centers our thinking on matters of community ethics and social justice.  For more specific information on the offerings of the Chapel Program, click on Chapel Events on the side menu.  And to feel the importance of Memorial Chapel itself to the Middlesex community, just walk inside.

Chapel Events

Weekly Chapels

Every Wednesday, at the midpoint of the day at the midpoint of the week, Middlesex gathers for a 30-minute chapel talk. These Chapels usually feature a senior who, in collaboration with the Director of Spiritual and Ethical Education, chooses readings, readers, and music, and then delivers a talk: an exercise that Middlesex students think of as “giving a chapel.”  These talks can best be described as personal and secular, yet spirited and significant.  The standard of speaking aims to be high, as does our standard of attentiveness and listening.  In today’s world, we are fortunate to be able to share these experiences together as a gathering of 400 or so friends, peers, and mentors.

Evening Chapels

Periodically throughout the year, we hold an Evening Chapel. These events provide an opportunity to hear from adult voices both from within the community and from the outside community. In the past, various faculty members have spoken, as well as inspiring local and national speakers.  At least one Evening Chapel during the year will be oriented around the themes and topics of the All-School Read.

Class Chapels

Each of the four classes at Middlesex meets in the chapel for a more informal event, featuring brief addresses from appropriate student leaders, teachers, and the Head of School. The topics and themes of these class chapels are more specifically geared towards the experience of a particular grade level. These Chapels are coordinated with other class gatherings intended to create a sense of unity and identity among classmates and School.