Community Service at Middlesex

At Middlesex School we seek to touch the lives of others in positive ways and make a difference in the surrounding greater Boston community and beyond. In doing so, we are strengthened by learning from those that we help especially in terms of empathy and courage. Throughout the year there are a variety of service offerings. You can participate in weekly, monthly, or annual service programs both on and off campus. During breaks students can travel beyond our campus to engage in either domestic or global service trips. As we prepare our students to be good and productive citizens in an increasing global and diverse world, we want to instill in them the values of selflessness and using ones talents to help others which enable us to grow in our ability to understand ourselves and the world more fully.

Browse some of our community service projects:

Community Service Officers

The community service officers consist a group of senior committed to promoting service to the greater community as a core value to the school. They begin facilitation training on the first afternoon of senior orientation. During the first week of school they begin leading the Open Table program and within the first month they assist in the facilitation of the all school community service day.

Open Table

Beginning the opening week of school and running through exams, our students participate in a program known as Open Table. This program occurs every Thursday evening at the First Parish Church in Concord center. This food pantry and soup kitchen provides healthy meals to people and families in need. Open Table depends on our volunteers as the cleanup crew for this vital community program.

Community Service Day

Community Service Day happens each fall for the ninth and eleventh grades as well as our faculty. On the Monday following the all school read assembly, we head out into the greater Boston community to engage in community service. The students and faculty typically work in groups of 12-20 depending upon the needs of the site. Much of the work happens on local farms as the students help assist with the fall harvest, while other opportunities are presented at Habitat for Humanity, women’s shelters, food banks, and more.

Community Service Day



From November to March, our students and teachers engage in weekly service program known as Gazebo. Every Saturday our students and faculty lead a learn to skate program for children who are differently abled. Our students race out of class to be there each week, and they frequently work with the same children over the course of their years at Middlesex. The rink is always filled with smiles and laughter on Gazebo skating days.

Gazebo skating at Middlesex

Youth in Philanthropy

Youth in Philanthropy is a co-curricular service class that is open to all 11th grade students and runs one evening a week from mid-January until the end of April. During the course, students learn and gain a better understanding of philanthropy. They research local organizations – becoming aware of community needs and performing site visits to the organizations that are applying for grants. As a group they evaluate and discuss their experiences and the grant proposals. Then they select and award the Foundation’s youth development grants. This program is run in junction with the Foundation for MetroWest, and Middlesex is among five of the Concord, MA schools that participate in this program.

Heading Home

Each fall the Middlesex community service program is working with Heading Home, a Boston-based nonprofit that moves homeless families into permanent housing through a program called Up-and-Out moves.  Middlesex volunteers collect furniture and other home goods throughout the year, and then move them into the family’s new home on a Sunday in the fall.  It is a rewarding experience for all.

Senior Community Service Day

Senior community service day occurs in late May on the Thursday prior to graduation. During the fall day, the seniors are busy working on the college application process and thus their service day happens on the first day classes end for the seniors. The day runs similar to the fall service day with two exceptions. First, we tend to work in groups of twelve students and second they are treated to a special senior lunch upon their return from the service projects.

Senior community service day

Additional Programs

The period between Thanksgiving break and winter break is always busy one for community service projects at Middlesex School. Besides the regular programs, there are three additional service opportunities running at that time. First, there is a lacrosse gear equipment drive for Harlem Lacrosse. This organization helps at risk students “find their promise” to reach beyond their challenges and achieve their full potential. Second, there is a Toys-for-Tots drive. Third, we run a holiday letter writing campaign to an active Marine Corps unit. Last year was a great success with 1/3 of the school community contributing to the letter writing campaign. It is with the aid and inspiration of Middlesex Alum 1st Lt. Barrett Moorhouse ’08 that this program runs. Throughout the year there are plenty of additional service programs in get involved in such as: empty bowls, Best Buddies, and 3v3 Grassroot Soccer. Each of the programs is connected with an outside organization and allows our students to engage in service both on campus, in a local setting, and attached to global organizations all while fitting it into our school schedule.