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When a senior proctor stops by your room at night to check on you, it’s not necessarily time for bed. It’s time to catch up and chat about how your basketball game went. It’s a chance to continue a friendly debate that started on the common room couches. It’s an opportunity to share excitement  about the weekend and get some advice on what to wear to the upcoming dance. Sometimes check-in is an occasion for freshly baked cookies, the aroma wafting down from the faculty residence down the hall.

Check-in is more than a headcount because our dorms are more than just bedrooms and common areas. They’re closely knit communities of approximately 25-30 students, two or three resident faculty members, their families, and the occasional lovable pooch or indifferent cat. Your dorm is a team, a social club, a study group, and a sanctuary. Most of all, it’s home.  Eventually, it will be time for the lights to go out; home is about healthy habits as well.  But for now, a moment with a trusted adult or proctor or friend might be just what you need for a good night’s sleep.