The Middlesex Diversity Symposium is an annual event that takes place over two days, beginning on a Friday evening and concluding with a Saturday morning program. The diversity symposium is one of only two required events during the academic year that is dedicated to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It begins with a dinner for our Keynote speaker and flows into the keynote address. The design of the program is to have an evening lecture and then on Saturday move into an interactive, hands on program. Thus, having the community broken into small groups for a common experience in a workshop setting.

Diversity Symposium 2019: Understanding Intersectionality with Rodney Glasgow

Diversity Symposium 2018: A weekend with Joel Christian Guild and Kip Bordelon

Diversity Symposium 2017: Ibtihaj Muhammed in conversation with Bill Littlefield

Diversity Symposium Lecture