Residents and Campus Safe Following Near-Miss with Tornado

The Middlesex campus and its residents experienced fierce weather —but no injuries or major damage—after a tornado touched down in Concord early Monday morning. The tornado, while a relatively rare phenomenon in New England, brought winds close to 100 miles per hour and left a trail of destruction 400 yards wide and a half-mile long throughout Concord. But it did not cross paths with our campus on 1400 Lowell Road, and we were relieved to hear Concord Fire Chief Mark R. Cotreau report that nobody was injured during the powerful cyclone. 

With dorms set to open to students in just over a week, our campus has been filled with energy as we put the finishing touches on both major and minor summer projects. Faculty have moved into our new dorm, Landry House, the dock at Bateman’s Pond has been upgraded, and elegant new pews have been delivered to the Chapel. Construction on the new Music and Campus Center, meanwhile, has reached a new milestone. The campus is truly rounding into shape, and we cannot wait to get back the final piece of the puzzle: our students!