Peer Tutors and Shared Learning

At Middlesex, our academic community believes in a shared learning experience.  Our culture is marked by friendliness, accessibility, and compassion both in and out of the classroom.  While our teachers are generous with extra help, some of our most accomplished seniors are just as eager to lend a helping hand.  These Peer Tutors, selected by department heads for their mastery of a subject, offer tutoring in every subject.  Five nights a week from 6:30-7:30pm, you can find these dedicated tutors in the library, ready and willing to assist their fellow students tackle a tough math problem, edit an essay, decipher a challenging Latin passage, or understand a complicated biology concept.  By tutoring others, the peer tutors not only deepen their own understanding of the material, but they also begin to learn the art of teaching.  

The Peer Tutor program is just one example of how our students support each other at Middlesex.  Visit the life on campus section to learn more about our community.