Middlesex Excels in International Physics Bowl

This spring, two teams of Middlesex physics students performed exceptionally well in the AAPT Physics Bowl. The competition, which is organized by the American Association of Physics Teachers, features a multiple-choice test that challenges students to solve forty advanced physics questions in 45 minutes (to get a taste, see this year’s test here!).

Over 6,500 students from around the world participated in the Physics Bowl, and each Middlesex squad delivered a standout performance. Our “first-year” physics team, comprised of our AP Physics 1 class and coached by Tom Erickson, finished 3rd in the region. With 26 correct answers, Ted Pyne ’18 far surpassed the national average of 14.8 correct answers, leading a Middlesex team that had four other members with scores of 19 or more:  Luke Collins ’18, Ben Kelly ’18, Ezra Muratoglu ’18, and Christine Lee ’18.

The “second-year” Physics Team also saw several exceptional performances. Coached by Sarah Kate May and comprised of students in our AP Physics C class, the squad faced a particularly menacing exam that had a national average of just 13.1 correct answers. Despite the challenging test, the Middlesex team performed well, with Valerie Chen ’18 (17 correct answers) and Shray Mishra ‘18 (16 correct) leading the way.

Congratulations to all our competitors for their tremendous effort!