Middlesex AP Students Excel on 2016 Exams

This past May, 210 Middlesex students participated in at least one Advancement Placement test, a national college-readiness program that assesses high school students in a variety of academic subjects. Scores were released in June, and the 2016 AP results rank among some of the best Middlesex students have achieved, reflecting their commitment to not only stretch themselves through advanced coursework, but also to master the material by engaging it on nuanced, abstract levels. Our students took a total of 594 exams and earned a “5”—the highest possible score—on over half of them. With 312 scores of “5,” 190 scores of “4,” and 75 scores of “3”, Middlesex students earned a “3” or above on 97% of all AP tests taken; 84.5% were a “4” or “5.”

All Middlesex juniors are required to enroll in AP English, and though they don’t do coursework aimed specifically for the test, they used their strong analytical reading and writing skills to perform remarkably well on the May exams. 48% of our juniors earned a “5” on the English Language and Composition exam (the test-wide average was 10.6%), and 77% scored at least a “4.”

Across the board, an impressive percentage of our test-takers reached the elite “4” or “5” threshold, with BC Calculus (96%), Computer Science (100%),  Art History (93%), Macroeconomics (100%), Microeconomics (96%), U.S History (100%), and Physics C (92%) among the standout subjects. Our foreign language students performed exceptionally as well: 100% of our AP French students earned a “4” or “5” on French Language and Culture; 92% of our AP Spanish students earned a “4” or “5” on Spanish Language and Culture, and 83% of our A.P Latin students (compared to just 12.8% globally) received the highest score of “5” on the Latin exam.

Congratulations to all our students and faculty for their well-earned success on this year’s AP tests!