Finance Club Wins Investment Competition

This past fall, dozens of high school teams across New England entered the Colby Sawyer High School Investment Competition. Now, following several months of fierce competition, only one team stands atop the rest: The Middlesex Finance Club.

 At the start of the competition, each team was given $100,000 virtual dollars to invest in the stock market. Operating under the name “Serengeti Investment,” the Middlesex Finance Club quickly decided on its investment strategy: With so many teams entered in the competition, the only way to rise to the top would be to take an aggressive, “high risk/high reward” approach to their investing. For Serengenti Investment, the early returns fell clearly in the “high reward” category. Having turned $100,000 into nearly $120,000 in a matter of weeks, the team then strategically shifted their funds into safer investments that would allow them to protect their early lead on the rest of the competition.

Serengeti Investment took home first place and the grand prize of $2,500 (real) cash, which was split evenly among the members team. The team also won $500 for Middlesex, which the Finance Club plans to invest into their real stock portfolio, which they manage throughout the school year.