Brick and Window Installation Nearing Completion

Recent heat waves haven’t slowed construction progress as crews keep pace with the projected January, 2019 opening of the Bass Pavilion for the Arts and the Danoff Visual Arts Center.

Recent summer visitors to campus will notice the construction fence has extended to “high tide”as construction crews have ramped up activity within the Bancroft Courtyard. Rough grading of soils has begun as the grade of the courtyard will be raised approximately three feet to allow for on-grade entrances to the rear of Eliot Hall and the front door of Warburg Library. Window installation is ongoing as crews make their way from the Warburg side of the façade towards Eliot.

Bass Arts Pavillion

Brick installation is wrapping around the Danoff Visual Arts Center building.  Once windows are installed the slate roofers will be able to begin their work. Inside, the Visual Arts Studio is completely sheet rocked, awaiting final windows:

Visual Arts Studio

Meanwhile, inside the theatre, crews continue to mount catwalks above the stage and install mechanical equipment throughout the space.  Fire sprinkler installation has also begun within the theater:

Catwalks inside theatre

Painting is progressing rapidly yhroughout the interior of the buildings.  The photo below shows painted walls in the corridor outside the Art History Classrooms:

Painting in Art History hallways