We often learn about ourselves in moments of change, perched precariously between the past and present. But, as Anna discovered one night last year, sometimes we also learn about those around us and, in the process, discover our footing isn’t so precarious after all. That cold February night was her birthday but, with classes the next day and home hours away in NYC, she was not expecting much.

However, two surprises lay in wait. First, twenty friends, boarders and day students alike, were waiting for her in the Kravis common room after dinner. Initially confused, Anna wasn’t sure why or if they even knew it was her birthday. But, the second surprise explained it all: her younger brother peaked his head around the corner and the celebration began. “It was that exact moment,” Anna says, “that made me realize how at home and special you can be here at Middlesex.”

That feeling, though, is thanks to people like Anna who, through their kind, strong, and generous presence allow others to realize that leaving one home can mean finding another.

When not celebrating, Anna has discovered that, at Middlesex, success and happiness mean involvement. She has sung in Small Chorus and Chapel Chorus, played multiple sports, given tours, written for the Anvil, co-founded our knitting club, looks forward to helping lead our Women of Color Association, and is preparing for a role in this fall’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Coursing through it all is a determination to quietly exceed herself by helping others and encouraging our community to reach ever higher.  Both of which are goals motivated by Mari ‘16’s senior chapel on the importance of unfailing love.

For, as Anna is quick to point out, our differences fuel valuable and exciting learning experiences when reinforced by unfiltered support for each other, even the variety found in the form of “ice sculptures and massive amounts of competitiveness” at our annual St. George’s day pep rally.

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Quotes from Anna

“In such a strong community, you are special in your own way; students and faculty help amplify your talents and uniqueness, whether in sports, the arts, or academics.”

“Being successful at Middlesex is to be involved as much as possible.”

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