Concord Restaurants

Phone: (978) 318-0008

Address:  80 Thoreau St. Concord, MA

Asian Gourmet
Phone: (978) 369-8114
Address: 794 Elm St. Concord, MA

Phone: (978) 610-6554
Address: 24 Walden St. Concord, MA

Bedford Farms Ice Cream
Phone: (978) 341-0000
Address: 68 Thoreau St. Concord, MA

Chang An Restaurant
Phone: (978) 369-5288
Address: 10 Concord Crossing, Concord, MA

Colonial Inn Restaurants
Phone: (978) 371-2908
Address: 48 Monument Sq # 3, Concord, MA

Comella's Italian
Phone: (978) 369-9555
Address: 33 Main St. Concord, MA

The Concord Cheese Shop
Phone: (978) 369-5778
Address: 29 Walden St. Concord, MA

Farfalle Italian Market & Cafe
Phone: (978) 369-2900
Address: 26 Concord Crossing. Concord, MA

Phone: (978) 369-9885
Address: 15 Main St. Concord, MA

New London Style Pizza
Phone: (978) 369-7053
Address: 71 Thoreau St. Concord, MA

Ninety-Nine Restaurant & Pub
Phone: (978) 369-0300
Address: 13 Commonwealth Ave. West Concord, MA

Papa Razzi
Phone: (978) 371-0030
Address: 768 Elm St. Concord, MA

Saltbox Kitchen
Phone: (978) 212-3585
Address: 84 Commonwealth Ave. West Concord, MA

Sorrento's Brick Oven Pizzeria
Phone: (978) 369-0938
Address: 58 Thoreau St. Concord, MA

Sushi House
Phone: (978) 369-8856
Address: 794 Elm St. Concord, MA

Trail's End Cafe
Phone: (978) 610-66333
Address: 97 Lowell Rd. Concord, MA

Vincenzo's Restaurant
Phone: (978) 318-9800
Address: 1200 Main St. West Concord, MA

Woods Hill Table
Phone: (978) 639-6300
Address: 24 Commonwealth Ave. West Concord, MA

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Life 360
All Life 360 ° content is submitted by Middlesex students, faculty, and staff.

Who you are is what you say and what you do.
- Karlyn McNall, Dean of Academic Affairs, on integrity

If there’s one word that sums up Middlesex athletics, it is tradition.

- AJ '13, hockey and lacrosse captain

In so many ways, Middlesex is the ultimate community—one in which your teachers, mentors, and friends are also your neighbors and the people you must rely on daily.
- Tyler '07

Before I started to practice mindfulness, I never would have thought it takes courage to sit on the floor and be present with myself. - Ben '14

I've spoken to many audiences...but there is nothing more intimidating than speaking in front of your English teacher.
- Kevin Systrom '02, to the Class of 2013 at Commencement

Middlesex's small community means that no one is simply a spectator - you are constantly being asked to be involved.
- Sarah '88

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