Private Music Lesson

The Middlesex Music Department provides the opportunity for students to study musical instruments and voice in a new, state of the art facility! With the help of our adjunct faculty, we offer private lessons on many instruments, including: piano (classical and jazz), voice, organ, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, drums, and steel drums to name a few. Brass, woodwinds, and strings students must possess their own instruments. The Studio Music Faculty is comprised of highly skilled, trained professional musicians who give weekly lessons during a free block in a student’s schedule. Lesson fees are charged, separately from regular tuition, to the student’s bill. This form is only for students who wish to use Middlesex music instructors for lessons.

There are, on average, 11 lessons per semester, at the rate of $47 per lesson, so the average tuition for lessons is $517 per semester. Lesson tuition appears on your school bill, apart from the regular Middlesex tuition. Your actual lesson tuition bill may vary, depending on the number of lessons completed in the semester. There is a once-per-semester registration fee of $20. Students will not take more than 14 lessons per semester without parental approval.

Students may take one or two lessons and be billed for only those lessons. Once the student takes at least three lessons(s)he will be committed to the eleven-lesson semester and will be billed for the eleven lessons ($517). If the actual number of lessons in a given semester is different from the eleven billed, the appropriate charges will be billed or credited at the end of the semester.

Up to two excused absences (with 24 hours notice) per semester will be allowed, with no charge. Unexcused absences (less than 24 hours, or no-shows) will be charged the same as a lesson

Scholarships for music lessons are available for students receiving financial aid. Please contact Marcus Rabb at the Music Department for details at [email protected]

Lessons may be taken for academic credit, when taken as a course or when combined with participation in an instrumental ensemble. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

All music students are encouraged (but not required) to perform in the Winter Recital and the Spring Recitals. Those participating in the Spring Recital may be selected to perform in the Thoreau Recital, the annual year-end juried recital.

Instrumental Ensembles
Students interested in ensemble playing might want to join the Jazz Ensemble or the Chamber Orchestra, which are offered as classes with academic credit. Please let us know if you are interested in joining an instrumental ensemble. There is also a steel drums ensemble during the spring semester.

Middlesex has five student choruses that sing an eclectic assortment of musical styles:
Chapel Chorus is the large, non-auditioned ensemble, Small Chorus is an auditioned chorus of about 25 members, and the soprano and alto groups, the MXolydians and SWAG, and the tenor and bass group, Bateman’s Bullfrogs, are the a cappella groups at Middlesex.

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