MX Family Weekend!

Welcome to Family Weekend!
Oct 29 & 30 2021

With a successful and exciting start to the school year underway, we can look forward to one of the autumn highlights at Middlesex: Family Weekend!

We do hope that you can join us for two days of connection, classes, competitions, and performances. Whether you’ve attended in the past – or for the first time virtually, last year – we are sure that you will find this time spent on campus extremely rewarding.  Check out the agenda for the weekend.

Please note that Saturday’s classes will follow a special academic schedule that will allow you to sit in on most, if not all, of your student’s classes. For the purposes of limiting the number of individuals in a classroom, students will not be attending classes with you. Fear not! We will have student-appointed, Alumni Ambassadors in place to help you navigate your travels.

We are welcoming all vaccinated family members to join us for the weekend, and we ask that all attendees arrive in good health and humor. We will have to make some adjustments to our normal scheduling and there will be COVID -19 protocols in place to ensure that our Middlesex community remains healthy and vibrant. Online registration is required and we do ask that you include all guests that will be visiting with you.

Your student(s) is/are free to leave campus with you after they have fulfilled all school-related commitments and have obtained all necessary permissions. All boarders are due back on campus no later than 8:30 p.m. Monday, November 1.