Yum ’18, Seeman ’18 Receive National Scholastic Art Awards

In early February, seven Middlesex artists received regional awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This week, the annual competition announced the contest’s National Medalists, and two Middlesex seniors, Anna Yum and Itsy Seeman, learned that their works were selected as Silver Medal winners from over 330,000 submissions across the country.  Enjoy their winning submissions below, along with descriptions of the work from the artists themselves!

Title: Up in the Clouds

By Anna Yum

Date: Summer 2017
Medium: Board, box, pastel, Korean traditional paper, charcoal, OHP transparent paper, newspaper, marker
Size: 40in x 72in x 14in
Statement: The motifs of the painting are a composite collage of different images of faces and hands reaching up in the sky. The sky is a motif that is never still, constantly changing, and to capture the depth and its ever-changing nature, I used these blocked surfaces. Experimenting with different painted surfaces has been a great interest of mine, especially because I believe that diverse surfaces can represent subtle but powerful changes in the meaning behind the artwork. In this particular piece, I used boxes to create a variegated surface that presents a challenge in putting together a cohesive composition overall.

Title: This Sh*t is Bananas

By Itsy Seeman

Date: October 2017

Medium: Acrylic on paper

Size: 10×14

Statement: Art is of often interpreted in the eyes of the viewer as having a political subtext. I am interested in how my rendering of bananas could be spun into having a political message. For example, one could consider how a whole economy is built on the banana trade and its effects on the environment or the exploitation of the workers. The brown spots on the bananas could symbolize aging or decay. But I want the viewer to simply look at my bananas. They are left isolated in white to emphasize the fact that they are just bananas. I think that a lot of art interpretation is BS, so as Gwen Stefani famously said, “This Sh*t is Bananas.”