The SpongeBob Musical

It’s always the best day ever for SpongeBob, his BFF Patrick, and pal Sandy Cheeks – until the rumblings of Mount Humongous signal an impending eruption that could destroy their beloved home. Can the trio prevent the disaster? Or will Plankton’s evil (diabolical…lemon-scented!) plan prevail, forcing everyone to follow him to Chumville?

With songs written by artists from Cyndi Lauper to John Legend to Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith (and many more), SpongeBob the Musical delivered the best of Bikini Bottom: favorite characters, dynamic dance numbers, choruses of sardines and pirates, and catchy tunes that the audience could be heard humming as they left the Kaye Theatre on April 29 and 30. Fluorescent, funny, and optimistic, the production was a demanding one for both cast and crew – and proved to be a great match for the spring spirit at Middlesex.