Spring Haiku Contest


Each year at the first Chapel following Spring Break, the Chapel Trustees reveal the winner and runner-ups of the annual Spring Haiku Contest. Below is a sampling of this spring’s winning Haikus:


Large Counts Condition

Means you are normal enough

Love my stats classes

-by Des Sheff


U2. REM.

Underground bands for cool kids

Nineteen Eighty-Four

-by Mr. Hitzrot


When I think of her,

My heart drops to the cold ground

Never said goodbye.

-by Greg Linton


I can be a man…

I never have emotions…

Anger doesn’t count

-by Harrison Clark



Eighteen new springs here.

Lizzie, Siobhan, Luce and Zo

Final Circle Spring

-by Tom Kane


Refuge to rich life,

The sea imprisons beauty

Through its translucence

-by Jillian Robertson


I miss you I miss

you I miss you I miss you

just come back Barack

-by Elizabeth Enslinn


Only brave souls plunge

While anticipating doom

Girls’ JV Hockey

-by Alice Yu


I’m closing my eyes

So tomorrow never comes


-by Alice Yu


Every gleaming smile

Is the zenith, the acme

the peak of my life

-by Lyn Wu


The bark of a tree.

He says gray, while she says brown,

But really it’s both.

-by Willy Hutcheson


An Ode to Thirds Squash

Never the first one nor the

Second but the Third


-by HT Choi


I want to burn them

All the flowers, petals, too

I hate allergies

-by HT Choi



I pledge allegiance,

but the flag did not protect

seventeen of us.

-by Elizabeth Enslinn