Robotics Club Takes to the Skies

The Middlesex Robotics Club is a student-led enthusiast group that explores the world of robotics and engineering. Each year, students choose a theme and plan their designs and builds around it.
This year’s theme is aeronautics and the club is building light drones under the leadership of Logan Tonra ’20, Walker Massey ’20, Colin Finke ’20 and Luke Andresen ’21. Students first designed their drone and shopped for parts with a 7 Volt budget which was based on the weight and value of batteries available. They chose a carbon-fibre drone frame that will support a 4-propellor array with a small receiver that acts as the brain coordinating the motors with the pilots instructions. After the drones are built, groups will program their controllers for basic maneuvers and, eventually, speed. Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses!