On the Right Track: Pyne ’18 Aims to Enhance Public Transportation

When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, there are few people more efficient than Middlesex senior Ted Pyne ’18. With a schedule as packed as his, Ted spends his days crisscrossing campus to fulfill his myriad roles on campus. In the afternoons he maneuvers through the Estabrook Woods as a captain of the Boys’ Cross Country Team, and in the evening he crosses the Circle to the theatre, where he works on the tech team, and to the library, where he serves as a Peer Tutor. In the winter, look for Ted sprinting up and down flights of stairs in the Athletic Center as he builds the endurance needed to defend his New England Championship in wrestling.

During the day, you can often find Ted moving about the Clay Centennial Center as he pursues his passion for all things STEM. Last year’s recipient of the Matthew S. Brown ’03 Prize in Computer Science, Ted has navigated a rigorous curriculum of math and science; having already completed AP Calculus BC and AP Physics 1, this year Ted is moving through AP Physics C, AP Statistics, and AP Economics.

As someone so adept at covering lots of ground, it’s no surprise that Ted has found an extracurricular passion and expertise in public transportation. A committed member of the public transportation advocacy group TransitMatters, Ted works to fulfill the nonprofit’s mission to “improving transit in and around Boston by offering new perspectives, uniting transit advocates, educating riders and promoting a level of critical analysis normally absent from other media.”

Recently, Ted’s insightful analysis of Massachusetts’ public transportation system was published in an article in CommonWealth Magazine, and he also appeared on the Boston Neighborhood Network for an interview about upcoming projects for the MBTA. Watch the interview below!