Psychology Students Present Research

Seniors in the Psychology elective presented their research at the third annual Psychology Poster Session this week.  By examining psychological theories and research, reading case studies, and observing their own experiences over the course of the semester, students explored who they are and how they relate to the world around them.  In their final assessment for the term, students presented a poster session to display the results of their research on questions of their choosing:

Is pleading guilty the easy way out? (Armando ’15)

Does social media make you happy? (Kathryn ’15)

Are twins telepathic? (Khari ’15)

Is ignorance bliss? (Zarena ’15)

Are humans securely attached? (Mahal ’15)

Is retirement more of a burden than a full-time job? (Brian ’15)

Is happiness a choice? (Amy ’15)

What role does attachment play when interacting with autistic children? (Sebastian ’15)

How do ordinary people do extraordinary things? (Dan ’15)

Are you going to be an alcoholic? (Jenna ’15)

Does physical contact improve performance in contact and non-contact sports? (Henry’15)

Are you in control of your gender? (Alex ’15)