Plaque Project: Jessica Tuck ’81

Like all Middlesex students,  Jessica Tuck `81 saw her plaque as an opportunity to leave a physical marker on the school, one that hopefully accurately represented not only her personality but also her experience at Middlesex. Jessica’s final design depicts a jester clicking his heels and certainly contains a huge amount of meaning for her. In addition to being a hardworking student, Jessica made the most of every opportunity to have a good time and a laugh.  It was essential, therefore, that Jessica capture her “goofball” spirit in her plaque. Jessica fondly remembers making silly announcements in Assemblies with her roommate Andrea Howland, and they often wore “some pretty ridiculous costumes.” A jester is known for making pranks and having a good time, seemingly a perfect match for Jessica’s spirit.

Carving a plaque is a rite of passage for seniors, as they prepare to leave Middlesex and enter the world. Jessica remembers her time at Middlesex fondly and was sad to leave 1400 Lowell Road; however, she was also ready and excited to move on into the next phase in her life, namely college. To show her delighted anticipation, Jessica chose to have her jester click his heels, a sign of celebration. Though Jessica jokes that the jester’s simple design matched well with her lack of drawing talent and that that was a big reason she chose it, it is abundantly clear that the jester and her plaque means so much more to Jessica than just another graduation requirement.

The plaque also has an unintended meaning. Jessica is now an actress, an entertainer much like a court jester. Jessica notes that “when [she] chose the subject of [her] plaque [she] did not know that [she] would end up in entertainment.” Indeed it would seem that, as Jessica says, “perhaps I was unconsciously manifesting my career when I carved my plaque.” Despite the jester’s relevance to her life now, if she was given the opportunity to carve a plaque today, Jessica would use an image that reflects “community” because “cultivating connections and creating community” is what feels most important to her now.

-Written by Phoebe MX ’16