Harrison Appointed to Littlejohn Chair

Teacher, coach, advisor, administrator – and the parent of two School presidents, Sam ’06 and Nina ’12 – Paul Harrison certainly knows Middlesex well from his many different roles over the years. With the retirement of his longtime colleague Ned Herter ’73, Paul recently and deservedly inherited two additional titles: Senior Master (as the current, longest serving faculty member) and holder of the Littlejohn Chair.

Established in 1999 by distribution of principal from Angus C. Littlejohn, Jr. ’69, who served two terms on the Middlesex Board (1989-1998; 1999-2006), the Littlejohn Chair provides for the salary of a senior member of the faculty. Paul joined the Middlesex faculty in 1977 as a graduate of Moorestown Friends School and the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a B.A. in history and an M.S. in comprehensive social studies.

While teaching history and coaching varsity soccer – both boys’ and girls’ teams – dominated much of Paul’s tenure, he also managed many other responsibilities. At times over the years, he coached basketball, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse; organized the weekly Chapel Program; headed the boys’ day student house; served as the dean of student discipline; chaired the Social Sciences Division; and led trips for Middlesex students to the Soviet Union, China, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Canada, and Ireland. Paul held the Senator Joseph S. Clark ’19 Chair in History until 2012, when he joined the Alumni and Development Office as a major gifts officer, a role that has allowed him to reconnect with many former students and Middlesex families.

“Throughout his career,” reflects Head of School Kathy Giles, “Paul has inspired students and colleagues with his passion for history, ideas, and learning. He is an intellectual adventurer of the best quality, never afraid to question, challenge, or debate, and he gives the rest of us the courage to do so, as well.  His commitment to Middlesex has strengthened the School immeasurably.”