Ask Me 2016

On a beautiful morning this past Sunday, new Middlesex students were treated to a 20-year-old school tradition.

When new students arrived on campus, Middlesex upperclassmen wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the invitation “Ask Me!” were stationed on the steps of Eliot Hall, ready to welcome new families. Ask Me kids helped new families through registration, unloaded carloads of boxes, ran up and down stairs, and set up dorm rooms.  In the dorm, Ask Me kids arranged dorm furniture in creative ways to fashion the most spacious room possible, often exclaiming “My friend had this room!   Here’s the best way to set it up….”

On your first day as a Middlesex student, you learn a little something about the way we do things here:  someone is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.  If you need anything, just ask!

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