Academic Awards for Spring 2015

After each semester at Middlesex, we gather to celebrate the academic achievements of our students at the Academic Awards Assembly.  At this week’s assembly, we acknowledged work done in the 2015 spring semester.  For a full list of students receiving honors, please click here.  

To open the assembly, chemistry and physics teacher Dr. Erickson spoke about his own lifeong love of chemistry, which had been “catalyzed” by a childhood chemistry set and “reached its boiling point” during his undergraduate work at the University of Oregon (Middlesex loves science humor!).  “Dr. E”, as he is affectionately known, came to teaching late in his career.  After receiving his PhD from MIT in synthetic organic chemistry, Dr. E spent 20 years working for the DuPont Company, using his knowledge of chemistry to make products with commercial value.  In 2003, he left the private sector to use his knowledge of chemistry for a different purpose.  

“Taking on a teaching position here at Middlesex 12 years ago was a challenge,” recounted Dr. E, “requiring me to synthesize all I’d learned (and some of what I’d long forgotten) into what I hope are coherent lessons – ones I hope will create the same love in many of you of discovering what magic happens when two mysterious compounds combine.  Now my passion for chemistry is met by working with a great faculty group and in particular, working with students.”

“My commitment to the intellectual discipline of chemistry has given me a life of satisfaction and an ability to contribute in multiple spheres.  Whatever intellectual discipline you choose to devote your life to, I wish you equal rewards.  To find those rewards, regardless of your academic interests, start by being curious and asking questions, use curiosity to find your passion.  Then keep the passion alive by appreciating and collaborating with the like-minded people around you, by learning and improving your mind, by finding the beauty in what you do, and finally by finding time to have fun and enjoy what you do.”