Middlesex Clubs

Middlesex clubs
Marcus '17, Kelly '17, Alex '17, and Rose '17, Co-Heads of Improv Club

Middlesex students are busy, but they like it that way, as evidenced by their participation in (and creation of) numerous extracurricular activities, particularly the many clubs and organizations on campus. These organizations meet by the discretion, instigation, and imagination of the students and—apart from a faculty advisor—are entirely student-run.  

At the recent club fair, students were able to puruse the many club offerings, including such favorites as Astronomy Club, the Anvil (student newspaper), Cheese Club, Divine Visions (step team), Fishing Club, MXTV, and Improv Club, which was started by Kelly '17 her freshman year and quickly became a popular club on campus. Any student can propose a club and, seemingly in a matter of days, become its founding member, leader, and ambassador. Check out this list of over 50 current Middlesex clubs:

Anime Club
Asian Culture
Astronomy Club
Bonsai Club
Cheese Club
Chemistry Club
Chess Club
Circle of Women
Common Sense
Competitive Eating Club
Computer Science Club
Cooking Club
Country Music Club
Disney Movie Club
Divine Visions (Step team)
Ethics Bowl
Fashion Club
Finance Club
Fishing Club
Flashmob Club
Frisbee Club
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Harry Potter Club
Hip Hop Music Club
Horror Movie Club
Improv Club
Indie Music Club
Intramural Basketball Club
Investing In Girls (IIG)
Jazz Lunch
Jewish Club
JSA (Junior Statesmen)
Literary Appreciation Society
Longboarding Club
Math Club
Middlesex Art Association (MxAA)
Mindfulness Club
MX Talks
Outdoor Club
Photo Club
Poetry Club
Politically Incorrect Debate Club (PIDC)
Pottery Club
Robotics Club
Rocketry Club
Rollerblading Club
Sailing Club
Society of Latinos (SOL)
Songwriters Club
Summer Club
TED Talks
The Anvil
Tie Dye Club
Young Republicans
Middlesex clubs

Marcus '17, Kelly '17, Alex '17, and Rose '17, Co-Heads of Improv Club

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