MX Students Serve at Open Table

Every Thursday Middlesex students and faculty have the opportunity to give back by donating their time to serve at Open Table here in Concord. Guests are treated to a fresh-cooked meal and a food pantry.  56 students throughout the year volunteered to break down tables,  stack chairs,  sweep,  mop, vacuum, and haul rubbish.

39 students volunteered between 1.5 hours and 5 hours.     
4 students volunteered 5 hours to 10 hours
4 students between 10 to 20 hours
5 students volunteered 24 -27 hours
Eric ‘15 and Gavin ’16 volunteered 34.5 hours
Will ‘16 and Alex ‘15 both volunteered 36 hours

Community Service is an opportunity to give back and reflect on how fortunate we truly are.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered!

- Paul Torres, Asst. Director of Community Service

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