Ryan Melia '07 and PigPen Perform at MX

Middlesex School

Ryan Melia MX'07 returned to his roots on Saturday night as he performed with his band and touring company, PigPen Theatre, in the Terry Room.  Melia and PigPen are about to embark on a tour of thirty-seven cities to promote their latest album, Whole Sun, but Melia wanted to warm up for the tour where it all began:  in the Terry Room, Freedom of Speech style.  Freedom of Speech (FOS) is a series of student run performances that provide the opportunity for budding songwriters to showcase their latest work, or where a student band can rock out to a favorite song.  Melia was a regular performer at FOS.  

PigPen Theatre Co. has produced award-winning off-Broadway hits such as The Old Man and the Old Moon and their first album, Bremen, and was ecently featured in the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog.

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