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We are proud to announce that Middlesex School is part of a pilot group of 32 independent schools assisting the Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB) in the ground-breaking development of a new non-cognitive assessment.  Intended to complement the cognitive measures currently assessed in our admission process, the new Character Skills Assessment (CSA) from SSATB will offer insights into an applicant’s character attributes and add great value to the holistic evaluation of applicants embraced by Middlesex.  “We know from experience that traditional standardized testing is limited in its ability to predict a student's fit with Middlesex's total program,” says Director of Admissions Doug Price. “This new assessment will hopefully give us a fuller picture of each applicant, providing insight into important issues of character that currently are often hard to evaluate. We look forward to making even better informed decisions as we look to enroll future generations of Middlesex students.”

Currently in the research phase, the CSA will be implemented in the 2017-2018 admission season.  Look for updates on the development of this exciting tool in the coming year!

Photo:  Assistant Director of Admissions Kathy Smithwick MX'08 represented Middlesex and joined members from 31 other independent schools in the U.S. and Canada at SSATB’s Character Skills Assessment Summit, July 2015 in Princeton, NJ.

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