One Acts Feature Students Directors and Actors

On Friday evening, One Act plays showcased the work of seven student directors and thirty-four actors from all classes.  Check out photos from the performances!

Pink Fancy by Nick Zagone

Director: Jenni Welch '15

Jose: Henry Minnervini '15

Skot: Will Christenfeld '16

Brown: Elizabeth Telford '16


Her Heart from Almost, Maine by John Cariani

Director: Miles Petrie '15

East:  Gabe Smith '15

Glory: Kate Wood '15


Family 2.0 by Walter Wykes

Director: Sebastian Biber '15

Husband: Conrad Meier '16

Wife: Lexi Khoury '16

Son: Jake Sanford '16

Daughter: Maddie MacMaster '18

First Husband/Dog: Austin Corona '15


Medea by Christopher Durang

Director: Cally Queally '16

Medea: Phoebe Lindsay '16

Chorus 1 Zoe Kane '18

Chorus 2 Ellie Herring '16

Chorus 3 Emily Arnold '16

Jason: Alex Scott '17

Messenger: Adam Assarian '17

Angel ex Machina: Marcus Coward '17


Words, Words, Words by David Ives

Director: Toni Mattessich '15

Milton: Kojo Edzie '16

Swift: Chad Arle '17

Kafka: Eliza Jevon '17


Check, Please by Jonathan Rand

Director: Calloway Cox '15

Girl: Grace Crozier '17

Guy: Gordon Hargraves '16

Louis: Julian Parker '18

Melanie: Devon Ablow '16

Ken: Jack Pelletier '17

Mary: Sarah McCluskey '18

Pearl: Isobel Shaffer '17

Tod: Max Corkran '17

Brandon: Josh Kushner '16

Linda: Kelly Finke '17

Manny: Kai Morris '18

Mimi: Pennie Gould '17


Creep by James Christy

Director: Maggie Knutzen '15

Anne: Alex Hammond '15

Hoover: Connor Sloan '15

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