Soirée Française

The “Soirée Française” at Middlesex was full of splendours: from poetry to song and dance, it was a spectacle for all to enjoy. The heads of Middlesex's French Club ran the evening, whilst French faculty members Mme Jordan and Mme Bolster organized the acts.

The theme of the evening was “La Liberté” or “Freedom”. The French department decided to chose this topic as a response to the recent events concerning Charlie Hebdo. The whole evening was a SMASHING success and it was topped off with a veritable French feast of cheeses, cider, Madeleine's, croissants, Nutella and hot chocolate.  Here is to another great “Soirée” next year!

French 12, French 21, French 22 (1 & 2), French 31, French 32, French 43, French 44 (1, 2, & 3), French 60 (1 & 2), French 70 (1 & 2), and a special musical performance by Gabe Smith ’15 and George Morris ’15, accompanied by Rock Hoffman ’16 (parts 1 & 2).  Special thanks to Nick Agee '16 for his videography.  

- Matt Kafker ’15, Sebastian Biber ’15, and Raphaele Sevrain ’16, French Club

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