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At a recent assembly, Head of School Kathy Giles presented endowed chairs to two distinguished faculty members:

Faculty members who dedicate their professional lives to teaching, coaching, advising, and fostering the growth and development of our students are the lifeblood of Middlesex School.  Over the first century of this School’s existence, students and families have chosen to honor faculty members and the role they play in students’ lives through the creation of these chairs, making significant financial gifts to the school to support this work, and we hope to continue to add to the number of faculty members we can honor in this way. Faculty chairs honor teachers who embody excellence in their commitment to the School’s best practices and ideals.  In keeping with the classical definition of the verb “to educate,” these teachers lead forth what is best in their students and inspire them to engage and revel in the life of the mind.  Teachers who are honored by faculty chairs enjoy the respect of their students and colleagues for their commitment to the profession of teaching, to the School, and to their students.

We currently have 15 Faculty chairs and chair holders, and it is with great pleasure that we honor two more teachers by awarding chairs to them today.

Our first recipient began her teaching career at Middlesex in 1987, and long before the ideas of 21st century education and globalism were being discussed, her life and work brought the world to Middlesex, to our classrooms, and to our students.  Liveliness of mind and true commitment to her students’ growth have been hallmarks of her career here, as her energy and enthusiasm for her work, as well as her love of color and beauty, generate great spirit around all things Francophile.  She is the Head of the French Department and invests herself fully in its well-being.  Could anyone else have encouraged, motivated, and perhaps coerced George Morris and Gabe Smith into their song and dance routine last spring at the Soiree Francais?  Probably not – any yet, all in a day’s work, for this wonderful teacher whose commitment shows in everything that she does.  It is with great pleasure that we award the Nathanael Vining Davis ’33 Chair for Distinguished Teaching to Chantal Jordan.

Our second recipient began his teaching career at Middlesex in 2002, and quickly distinguished himself as a teacher, coach of soccer and wrestling, and then Head of House and Department Head.  There is an old saying, if you want to get anything done, ask the busiest person in the room to do it, and this colleague continues to distinguish himself as Moodle-Master, Jedi Knight of scheduling, and this past spring, acting Academic Dean, which meant that there was a truly shocking amount of late nights, accompanied by Pop Tarts and 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper, that went into getting our academic lives up and running for this fall.  This teacher’s lively mind is constantly at work for the strengthening of the School and for the benefit of his students; he is a great colleague and an extraordinary teacher. It is with great pleasure that we award the Peter Arnold Chair to Dr. Michael Schaeberle.

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