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The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM), a competition in which teams of up to four students work on a real-world problem for 36 consecutive hours, provides students with the opportunity to work as team members in a contest that will stimulate and improve their problem solving and writing skills.  Each year, students choose one of two problems to solve.  In 2013, students chose between a problem dealing with ambulance allocation and routes and a problem of minimizing wait time at a bank.  Middlesex entered two teams in the 2013 competition, and they chose different problems.  The team working on the bank problem submitted a solution judged to be "meritorious," while the team working on the ambulance problem submitted a solution that emerged as a "finalist."  Teams were entered from all over the United States and Asia, so these designations were particularly impressive.  Last year's problems are posted online.  
This year, Middlesex again entered two teams, who worked over a 36-hour period this past weekend.  The teams chose one of two possible problems:  optimize the travel time for commuters exiting a train station or determine resource allocation in response to the spread an infectious disease.  Both teams selected the train problem; their solution papers will be judged in early 2015.
Team 1: Renee Li '17, Will Baek '16, Keki Takahara '16, Valerie Chen '18
Team 2:  Kelly Finke '17, Hyun Choi '17, Alice Zhu '16, Jack Yoon '16 (three out of four team members are from last year's Finalist team)


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