MX Represented in AAPT Physics Bowl

The MX Varsity Physics squad represented Middlesex admirably in the 2014 AAPT Physics Bowl contest, placing 3rd in our region (New England schools, public and private) in Division 1 (first year students) and 4th in Division 2 (second year students). While the physicists did not take home any hardware, they did well against a large and talented field of physics students across the world.  

In Division 1 (first year students), the Mx team was led by Daisy Choi, who scored 25 points for the team. Her score was more than one standard deviation away from the national average of 17.5 on the 40 question test. The team score of 114 consists of the top five scores, coming from Daisy, Ali Corkran (24), Kyle Finke (22), Camden Blatchly (22), and either Alice Zhu (21) or Ginny Wan (21).  Also beating the national average for Middlesex were Henry Minervini(20), Alex Raymond (20), Rose-Marie Fuchs (19), Jenni Welch (19), Matt Kafker (19), Alexander Hawley (19), Matt Chang (18), and Alex Rego (18). The team winner in Region 2 was New Canaan High School with 144 points, which 2nd place Guilford High School scored 142 points.  The national winner was Thomas Jefferson HSST in Alexanderia, VA with 162 points. 

In Division 2 (second year students), Lucas Liang set the pace for Middlesex with a score of 24 points on a harder test. His score was more than a standard deviation away from the national average of15.7.  The Middlesex team score of 90 was achieved by Teddy Rausch (18), Ben Kuschner (18), David McGrath (16), and either Chloe Sun (14) orDavid Fan (14).   The team winner in region 2 was The Gunnery (106 points), who beat out New Canaan High School (also 106 points) in the tie-breaker.  The national winner was Montgomery Blair HS in Silver Spring, MD with 161 points.  

Well done, Middlesex!
- Ms. May, Physics Teacher
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