Fond Farewell: Ron Banay Retires After 39 Years

Middlesex School Retiring Faculty Ron Banay
After having seen four decades of life at Middlesex, Ron has seen the School go through many metamorphoses. He remembers a time when classroom desks were bolted to the floor, and the walls of the School were hung with taxidermy-- hunting prizes that boys had brought back from trips. Over the course of his time here, many structural changes, including co-education, have shifted Middlesex's culture. Over the many years and iterations of changes Ron has seen here, his contributions to the community have been varied and significant.
In the fall of 1975, Ron came to Middlesex to teach math, after two years at The Harvey School in Katonah, NY and two years at Beaver Country Day in Chestnut Hill, MA. The December after he arrived, he and current Dean of Faculty Alex Banay were married. In the Math Department, Ron taught all levels-- from First Year Algebra to Linear Algebra, to an Independent Study Project on Differential Equations. He chaired the Department from 1980 to 2013 and was the Math/Science Division Head from 2010-2013. He started the Advanced Placement Math program at Middlesex in 1978, introducing first the AB Calculus course, followed by BC Calculus. He also served as an AP Calculus exam reader from 1998-2004. 
Though he never coached above a Junior Varsity level in any sport, he remembers with a special fondness his time with the JV Boys' Lacrosse team, despite losing his front teeth during one practice by attempting to play softball with lacrosse equipment. Ron served as the Head of Peabody House in the 80s, and the Head of Higginson House for the next decade, spending twenty-five years total serving as a dorm parent. He and Alex raised their three daughters, Sophie '99, Rachel '03, and Emma '07, on campus, and fondly refers to the twelve consecutive years when the Banay sisters attended Middlesex as a "Golden Period" in his life.
Middlesex is a terrific place, Ron asserts, to "remain youthful and engaged," and he has certainly continued to be a wonderful and active presence in school life and the community over his tenure. He will retire in June, but this community will remain in gratitude and admiration of his 40 years of service to the School.
Middlesex School Retiring Faculty Ron Banay
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