Young Alumni Win Loyalty Competition

For the second time in the four years of the February Faceoff competition, Middlesex secured the most young alumni donors during the month of February among the competitors, and the resulting claim of having the most loyal young alumni.

After holding off nine other schools for three weeks in a row, Middlesex finally gained a significant lead on rival Brooks, closing out the month with 6% higher alumni participation than any other school and reclaiming the February Faceoff title. 

Over 280 young alumni participated in the competition over the month of February by making donations toward the School's Annual Fund, which supports faculty salaries, financial aid, and covers 10% of the annual operating budget. Donations, which started from $1.00, totaled $20,000 by the beginning of March. For the first time, a young alumnus from the 10th reunion Class of 2004 challenged other young donors to consider making first-time leadership gifts of $500 or more in order to increase the impact of young alumni support on the School. The Young Alumni Leadership Challenge met with great success, garnering the support of 8 other donors ranging across the decade.

The Class of 2009, rallying around their upcoming 5th reunion in May, garnered an impressive 40 gifts, besting the 9 other classes in the decade for participation. A tremendous group of volunteers from each class assisted the Annual Fund staff in their efforts, reaching out to 800 alumni several times to encourage participation and support.

Young alumni participation rates and the February Faceoff are not only important for securing Middlesex bragging rights. The loyalty, engagement and generosity of the 10 youngest classes demonstrated through this competition are essential for the School. The funds raised directly influence current students, providing a way for alumni to "pay forward" the experience that they valued just a few years ago. Larger foundations and donors consider high participation rates an indicator of the health and success of the institution, and are more likely to invest their own resources in areas that alumni have shown to be valuable and worthwhile.

As Middlesex seniors cross the Circle from the Chapel to Eliot in their final promenade as current students each June and join the ranks of over a century of Middlesex alumni before them, they are also inducted into a legacy of gratitude and loyalty. Thank you to all who participated in the February Faceoff this year-- for your ongoing generosity, support, and pride! GO MX!

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