College Counseling Office Announces Upcoming SAT Changes

Middlesex School College Counseling SATs

The College Board announced on March 5th that the SAT will be dramatically overhauled for the testing cycle in the spring of 2016.  David Coleman, the president of the College Board, strongly feels that the SAT has "become disconnected from the work of our high schools." Among other changes, the College Board intends to shift the focus of the vocabulary section to words that are common in college courses, tighten the topics in math, and make the essay portion optional.

Matthew DeGreeff, Director of College Counseling, is already fast at work developing an action plan for the current freshman class, and he will be coordinating efforts with the English and Math Departments to respond to the changes in the SAT.  He shared, "Our students are already in a position of strength due to the Middlesex writing program, our legendary vocabulary book ('The Words Book'), and the rigorous training our students receive in our math curriculum.  The freshman class will be the first class to take the 'new' SAT on March 12, 2016, and we will be communicating with the students and parents in the Class of 2017 as we coordinate the stakeholders involved with preparing our students for these important tests.  We intend to have our action plan in the hands of our families this spring."
Middlesex School College Counseling SATs
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