Remembering Longtime Faculty Member David Forman

David Forman Middlesex School

David Forman, beloved faculty member at Middlesex from 1982 to 2005, passed away suddenly on Wednesday in Vermont. 

David taught Spanish at Middlesex for 23 years,at nearly every level, coached football for nine years, assisted with several dorms, and supervised the Ikon, the School's literary magazine. In their Carlisle home, he and his wife Jean also raised two daughters, Karin '85 and Susie '88. David's presence was a notable force on campus, and his sense of humor is fondly remembered. Students who passed through the third floor of Eliot during his tenure might remember David's game of "Susto" (Spanish for "Surprise!), as he would pop out from around corners with a smile to startle unsuspecting students. In his Baccalaureate address before his retirement, David told students, "Adventure is a situation in which the unexpected can happen-- a little like a susto." 

Every Tuesday evening for many years, David brought a group of students to Walden House, a local nursing home, and that volunteer tradition continues today. His former advisee, Wells Blanchard '91, said, "His work with Walden House really characterizes David and the way he gives back to the community." Indeed, David took a genuine interest in the growth of his students and truly loved teaching and working at Middlesex. Upon his retirement, he reflected, "Around here, more than any place I've been, there is a sense of family." The Middlesex family is saddened by his loss but grateful for his years of dedication to the School.

David Forman Middlesex School
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