Sustainability at MX: Single-Stream Recycling

Middlesex School sustainability

In an exciting change this year, Middlesex has moved to single-stream recycling, the system in which all paper, plastics, metals, and other recyclable materials are fully commingled during the collection process.  Single-stream recycling makes recycling easy, convenient, and hassle-free.  Thanks to a generous gift from the Class of 1978, all Middlesex boarding students now have single-stream recycling containers in their dorm rooms, and we expect recycling volume to increase sharply.  The environmental club on campus, Common Sense, plans to participate in November's Green Cup Recycling Challenge for Schools, competing for bin points by improving recycling compliance.  In a recent assembly, students demonstrated what items can and cannot be recycled in a recycling shoot-out.  

Other sustainability initiatives at Middlesex are well underway.  The School recently converted its heat source from number two fuel to natural gas, reducing our carbon footprint by 20-25%.  The Middlesex garden will enter its third season this spring, after a successful harvesting season that provided produce to the School's dining hall. Common Sense continues to be active around campus, most recently working on a campus arboretum project and encouraging all members of the community to be more aware of their consumption and waste habits. With many exciting initiatives on the horizon, Middlesex continues its commitment to sustainability, from individual to large-scale infrastructure changes.

Middlesex School sustainability
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