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Georgia Horn '08 is curating her first show at Fridman Gallery in SoHo, a new exhibition space in SoHo. Just 6 years ago as a student at Middlesex, Georgia studied photography under Steve Butera, and she has been working and studying in the art world ever since. She and co-curator Luisa Aguilar Solis were granted the show in November, and are now seeking external funding to support the costs not covered by the gallery. The show, which will open in June of 2014, will consist of five artists; four based in California, where Luisa and Georgia live and work, and one from Portland, ME.

The academic interest in art that Georgia first developed at Middlesex has kept her working towards becoming a curator ever since, including majoring in art history at Oberlin College, interning at the Guggenheim and the Whitney and working as a curatorial assistant to the director of the Allen Museum in Oberlin. Like many other Middlesex alumni, her participation in the core Arts curriculum at Middlesex-- both in studio art classes and art history-- ignited a passion for creative work. With the help of classmate Ji Kim '08, Georgia resurrected and produced IKON, the Middlesex Arts magazine, in 2008.

The show Georgia is planning takes as its point of departure the story "Daughters of the Moon" by Italo Calvino. Although not an illustration of the story, Luisa and Georgia are interested in engaging the themes and tensions Calvino explores, including environment and memory, industry and nature, cultural discard, and obsolescence and consumerism. After working in the art scene in LA with contemporary artist Paul McCarthy, Georgia is now ready to strike out on her own. "As an aspiring curator, this is an amazing opportunity at an emerging gallery that will allow me much needed visibility in the art world," Georgia says.

Stay tuned for the opening of Georgia's art show, which she hopes many Middlesex art enthusiasts will attend. For more information, or to help contribute to the show, please email

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