Middlesex English in the Armed Forces

Middlesex Words Armed Forces

When 2nd Lieutenant Barrett Moorhouse '08 graduated from Middlesex and started at the United States Naval Academy, he probably never figured that he would see his WORDS book again. A fundamental element of the English program, the WORDS book contains weekly vocabulary lessons that students are quizzed on, starting freshmen year. The cumulative vocabulary tests not only provide students with a broad vocabulary base for their writing and conversation, but have also proven to be a huge asset for seniors taking standardized tests such as the SAT.

Now stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA with the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, Moorhouse recently dug up his old WORDS book for a new purpose: teaching the other Marines in his platoon during their breaks in amphibious operations off of the USS Comstock. Just as in a Middlesex English class, Moorhouse assigns his Marines ten words a week, and tests them on Mondays. His fellow servicemen are "so appreciative of the book," he says. "It gives them an opportunity to learn something outside of amphibious tactics."
"Even in the most austere environments," Barrett quips, employing several examples from the book's vocabulary, "WORDS prevail."
Middlesex Words Armed Forces
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